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The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice Inc. seeks to promote behaviors that encourage an inclusive society where individuals and groups embrace differences and value kindness, authenticity, empathy, compassion and fairness.

The Institute is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization.

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Creating Community Through an Appreciation of Difference.

The Ben Marion Institute For Social Justice seeks to promote behaviors that encourage an inclusive society where individuals and groups embrace differences and value kindness, authenticity, empathy, compassion, and fairness.

What We Do

Sharing The Word

The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice Inc. promotes respect, acceptance, understanding and equality in the community, encouraging inclusion across the lines of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, class or disability.

A society is yet to exist where all individuals and groups receive fair and equitable treatment. That truly defines the essence of social justice. Social justice is an ideal, but can it be realized?

Considering the extent of social injustice in the world today, social justice might seem an impossible goal.

The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice believes this goal is possible, and works tirelessly to effect it fully. Founded in 2006, the Institute merges thought with unique strategies to expand minds and hearts, resulting in the creation of communities of social justice and compassion, one heart at a time.


How We Do It


Partnering for Social Justice.

The Ben Marion Institute For Social Justice conducts workshops and curriculum training sessions with numerous organizations in the public and private sectors.

Some include:

  • Schools, colleges and universities;
  • Nonprofit organizations;
  • For-profit organizations;
  • Civic and community services associations;
  • Social and human services agencies;
  • Religious institutions;
  • Government agencies and offices;
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The Institute's KEF™ (Kindness, Empathy, and Fairness) programs are dynamic, engaging and interactive.

We develop, conduct, and evaluate our KEF™ training programs based upon a group's specific needs and desired outcomes. These programs are customized and unique to the organization, agency, and/or institution that seeks our support and solutions.


What We Create


Learning Through Practice, Practice, Practice!

The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice, Inc. believes that kindness, empathy, personal responsibility and respect for others are the essential values that assist adults and children in leading humane and productive lives.

Ebony and Ivory Harmony

While case studies and presentation of theory help individuals to learn social justice, it is the actual practice of the learned skill that creates and reinforces change.

The Ben Marion Institute helps individuals and organizations create change through action plans that not only last, but build on themselves for future generations.

Our specialized training programs include observation, interaction, and coaching to guide our participants in solving the real-world problems they experience in their schools, workplaces and communities.

Through our educational programs, we cultivate critical thinking and seek to foster ethical, social and intellectual development.


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  • Mailing Address:
    The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice, Inc. 
    985 Citadel Drive NE, Suite A
    Atlanta, Georgia 30324-3811
  • Phone:
    +1 404-320-0985

    Meet the Team


    Abby Drue


    Abby Drue, MFA, Founder and Executive Director, created The Ben Marion Institute in honor and in memory  of her parents, Marion and Ben Drue, whom she regards as authentic advocates of all that is fair and just.  Her life with them instilled the conviction that justice – fair and equitable treatment of individuals and groups – is a critical factor in the attainment of a compassionate world, one that encourages and supports every individual in their pursuit of self-discovery, achievement and success.

    The implementation of social justice has been a lifelong passion and pursuit for Abby Drue. 
    She is widely known as an effective negotiator, skilled mediator, insightful strategist and implementer, an innovative and inspiring trainer, with a broad understanding of community relations, conflict resolution and outreach programs.

    Irma Starr


    Irma Starr Ph.D., Director of Education for The Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice, has an accomplished career which includes 30 years effort in the pursuit of  social justice and the celebration of human value.

    Before joining The Ben Marion Institute, Irma’s career portfolio speaks of impressive community building and service: Director of the Jimmy Prentiss Morris Jewish community Center, an intergenerational metropolitan Detroit facility; Director of  SPACE for Changing Families, an educational life transitions peer support program for the National Council of Jewish Women, a national non-profit agency; as well as ten years service as Education Director for the Anti- Defamation League, an international non-profit civil and human rights organization.

    Her far-reaching expertise in, and understanding of organizational management, program development, curriculum design, facilitation and training, as well as community relations, has made Irma a sought-after educational consultant and trainer.